Pochampally- Klubhaus’s Latest Puja Collection

Inspired from the rich heritage of Pochampally, Klubhaus proudly presents its vibrant Puja collection, showcasing a diverse range of intricate patterns and designs. With a deep reverence for subcontinental traditions, our garments are meticulously crafted and presented in modern way using the double print texture, resulting in a distinctive texture that adds to their allure.

klubhaus bd puja new collection 2023

The motifs adorning these designs draw inspiration from various animals, each carrying a symbolic connection to the puja ceremony. Horses, elephants, butterflies, dolls, and figurative elements grace every outfit, serving as meaningful representations of this sacred occasion.

klubhaus bd puja new collection 2023 news

Our collection is thoughtfully curated with distinct color palettes tailored to each day of the puja celebration. For Shashti, we embrace the vivacious hues of orange, purple, pink, and lime. Shaptami ushers in an array of striking blue shades and contrasting ensembles. Ashtami takes on a serene aura with pastel color palettes, creating a harmonious atmosphere Meanwhile, Nabami takes flight with the elegance of peacock shades. Finally, for Bijoy Doshomi, we infuse the attire with the purity of white, the passion of red, the elegance of silver, and the radiance of yellow.

klubhaus bd new puja collection 2023 letest

Experience the essence of tradition, craftsmanship, and vibrant aesthetics with Klubhaus's Puja collection, designed to encapsulate the spirit of this cherished celebration.

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